Shama is a transformational somatic therapist, bodyworker and breath therapist. Her purpose is to help individuals who are suffering from emotional, mental or physical symptoms due to difficult or traumatic events. Her work especially targets depression, anxiety, chronic pain and stress-related conditions. Her focus is to help her clients build a healthier foundation in order to create new neurological pathways in their nervous system. This can make a difference in the areas of their lives where they feel blocked or are searching for support to move in a different direction and the possibility of transformation. She likes to inspire and encourage her clients to move beyond the limits of conditioning and step into a new way of being: living life with a lightness that comes from unburdening oneself, bringing more awareness, ease and laughter!

Shama started her journey of self-transformation in 2002. Her search brought her first to Osho’s teachings, where she started to explore herself, learned to practice different kinds of meditation techniques and trained in Meditative therapies. Subsequently she dove into Breath work and Reichian therapy methods which target the letting go of inhibitions, blocks and tensions that interfere with self-awareness and self expression. After training for 4 years, she completed “Osho Diamond Breath School” in Italy and continued to work with the masters of breath work in Europe and assists them in Italy, Greece, Russia,Turkey and China.

In her journey of understanding the depth of human psychology and herself, she participated in dozens of therapy groups, workshops and she has trained in many different body-mind healing modalities. Through her many years of learning, practising and combining eastern and western therapy methods as complimentary each other in her work, she ultimately found her unique way of working with people. Shama likes to create a custom made session series for her clients. She believes that every nervous system is different and as a result of this difference everyone has to be approached in a different way, according to their unique needs. In her sessions she combines breath work, Somatic Experiencing® techniques, bioenergetics, bodynamics and meditation techniques for the integration of being.

Shama lives in Vancouver and besides her private practice she facilitates meditation events, meditative therapy groups, breath workshops and trainings. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge and experience with others all around the world.

“ “My goal is to help people reach their goals in life, release the old stored tensions in their system to open more space for self regulation, self-trust and happiness. We are much too active in our minds and we can no longer experience true relaxation or meditative states. I am using all my techniques to free the system from the shackles of the busy mind and life so that we can re-learn again to drop into the space of relaxation, silence and access the real source of our beings, our true nature, which I call love!”

Some of Shama’s trainings and certifications include:

• Hypnotherapy training – India
• Diamond Breath Master training – Italy
• Sexual awareness counselling training – Italy
• Relationship counselling training – Italy
• Eft Emotional releasing techniques – Thailand
• Reichen body types training – Italy
• Meditative therapies training – Greece and India
• Reiki 1-2 training – Turkey
• Somatic Experiencing training (Trauma Healing)- Canada
• Bodynamics training (Developmental stage disruptions)- Canada
• Family constellation – China