diamondInternational breath and energy School

The summer Multiversity of Osho Diamond Breath School offers a space for meditation, personal growth and the learning-art of living, loving and laughing. It is a unique gathering of friends from the whole world to learn the divine path of breathing. Through these spiritual summer journeys, we discover our hidden treasures and at the same time celebrate life in the wonderful landscape of the Italian Tuscany.
A variety of therapeutic trainings and meditation retirements teach you the art of inner transformation. Together, men and women breathe in and explore in a new world of joy and healing. It is a fascinating adventure to experience an increasing inner growth and a deep liberation of your self.
We invite you to take a deep breath and get away from your stressful life to learn how to bring a fresh breeze of love, happiness and relaxation into your life and your relations.
You will learn the way of transforming yourself and so transforming what surrounds you.