What is Diamond Breath Work?

Diamond Breath is a very gentle method designed to help people open up the full potential of their breathing system in order to achieve optimum physical and emotional well-being. It is a pattern of natural, safe and healthy conscious breathing. Its benefits include increased energy, better immune response and increased ability to deal with distress.


How it Works?

Our circulation, our life energy itself depends on the expansion and release of our breathing mechanism. Constant movement of inhalation and exhalation promotes constant exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide. If our breathing becomes restricted, we may limit the effectiveness of this process and this may show up in physical illness, general lack of energy, or feeling emotionally drained or upset. An average person uses only 1/6 of their lung capacity with short, shallow, irregular, dysfunctional breathing habits. We hold our breath to prevent ourselves being overwhelmed by our feelings and when this becomes habitual we lose the ability to breathe deeply and connect to our spiritual well-being, our relationship to love and joy. That is scientifically proven to lead to fatigue, confusion, distress and a general sense of disharmony and sickness.


Diamond Breath encourages a full diaphragmatic breath. This, in turn, massages all the organs that are affected by the movements of the diaphragm. Shama will first observe your breathing in its natural state and see physically where the breath is being held and where any blockages are. She will then use simple techniques such as adjusting the position of the body, gentle hands-on pressure, sound techniques and positive affirmations to help the breath to open up and flow more freely. Diamond Breath will access blocked areas of emotion without usual holding habits. In this way, past emotional traumas that are blocked in the body can surface and finally be integrated.
The breath will begin to flow more freely at all times. With regular practice, it is common for people to improve their health, mental clarity and emotional freedom. This simple system is easy to learn and suitable for people of all ages and backgrounds. A few private sessions will enable you to use this technique for yourself as a lifelong tool.

Benefits of Diamond Breath Work

  • Release stress, negativity and anxiety
  • Exchange feelings of depression and hopelessness for inner peace and freedom
  • Enhance your ability to express your feelings
  • Gain direction in life by deepening your connection with your authentic self
  • Enhance your sense of well being
  • Bring your body into a state of inner peace, harmony and balance
  • Opens up your senses in all dimensions
  • Master limiting fears manage destructive anger release sadness increase joy
  • Exchange feelings of depression and hopelessness for inner peace and freedom
  • Enhance your ability to express your feelings release blocks to intimacy heal the underlying unresolved issues that give rise to addictions
  • Gain direction in life by deepening your connection with your authentic self
  • Rediscover your innocence, playfulness, and spontaneity
  • Develop self-confidence a deeper, stronger belief in yourself
  • Take control of personal health, experience relief from stress induced illness’.

Private Breath Sessions


Each session is customized for your particular needs. This customization is based on a brief consultation that you will have upon arrival with Shama. For your initial session shama will provide an overview of the diamond breath work model and approach. You will then be invited to lie down on a special mat fully clothed in a relaxed shavasana position. Then, assisted by Shama, you will participate in a progressive series of breathing practices that will address your individual needs. Each session will be dedicated to a separate segment of your body to unlock the blockages that prevent your life energy from flowing freely.

Following the breath work segment you will proceed to the final element of your session, time of stillness. This part of the session is very important because it gives your body and mind the opportunity to adjust to the biological and energetic changes that have occurred as a result of the breathwork. As your breath practice matures this state evolves into a formal meditation state.

Note : You can plan on your breath session lasting approximately 60 to 90 minutes.
To get optimum results, a package10 sessions is recommended.

Breathwork Workshops for Groups

These workshops are designed for those who want to experience deep emotional and physical relaxation, joy and rejuvenation.
One of the biggest problems of our century is stress. Most of us walk around carrying intense amounts of tension in any given moment. Fast pace of our modern society forces us to repress our feelings. And we do that by blocking our breath. As a consequence we cannot recharge our batteries of ‘life energy’.
Most of the time our breathing is constricted and we are trying to compensate our leaking of energy by running on willpower. We are stuck in cycle of hyperactivity, restlessness and anxiety.
In this journey, we will be using a diamond breath session, movements and sounds as a tool to release all the tension and blocked energy from our system so that we can feel rejuvenated, replenished and relaxed again.

“ If you can become master of your breathing you can become master of your emotions”
                                                                                                                                   ~ Osho